Expert tyre alignments in Wellington and the Kapiti Coast

Keeping you safe on the road

Stay safe on the road with the help of the professional mechanics at Autorama. We offer a range of automotive services to the Kapiti Coast and Wellington including tyre alignments and Warrants of Fitness checks to make certain that your vehicle is running at one hundred percent efficiency. Keeping your vehicle in good order means that you'll save more at the pump and increase the safety of yourself, your family, and other road users. Don't put up with dodgy steering or worn out seat belts, speak to the team at Autorama in Wellington for comprehensive automotive repairs, seatbelts, and tyre alignments.
Tyre alignments in Wellington

Tyre and wheel alignments

If your car is pulling to one side or you have recently had new tyres fitted, visit Autorama in Wellington for comprehensive tyre alignments. Having your tyres aligned correctly means that you will prolong the life of your tyres, improve the steering of your vehicle, and even increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Your tyres can go out of alignment from simple things like running over a pothole or driving across bumpy surfaces. Keep your car on the straight and narrow with the help of Autorama in Wellington!

Warrant of Fitness

A Warrant of Fitness isn't just about keeping your paperwork in order. A WOF is about making absolutely certain that your vehicle is fit to drive on the roads. Autorama is an accredited WOF assessor and can inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is running at optimum performance and meets all legal requirements.
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